super green pesto

Prep Time

5 minutes

Prep Notes

vegan and family friendly pesto, to boost your kids with greens without they even notice ;-) !

and without forgetting proteins, fatty acids, omega 3 and other important minerals like zinc and iron among others.


about 70gr (depending how much greens you have at hand!)


1 or 2 avocados

1 cup green peas (frozen)

1 big handful of dark leafy greens mixed like :kale,dark kale,spinach,rucula(tha one you might want to add it little by little because can give a too strong taste), etc..

2 handful fresh basil leaves

1 tablespoon pine nuts

1 tablespoon hamp seeds

1/2 tablespoon pumpkin seeds

1 or 2 tablepoons of water

salt & pepper at your taste

5 tablespoons olive oil (at the end)

1 clove of garlic (optional)


  • mix all the ingredients except the olive oil, until a smooth consistency
  • taste it, you should find it more basil-pesto oriented, if not keep adding basil leaves
  • once you are satisfied with the taste add the olive oil and mix shortly
  • if you want it more oily-liquid texture add more oilive oil, just make sure you don't mix it too long because it can become bitter
  • store it in small 10 or 15 grams jars and keep it it the freezer
  • pop it out when you need it!


I use one little jar as a portion for four/five people and I mix it with whatever whole grain, or with your favourite pasta type.

once you drain the grain or the pasta spare just a littel bit of the cooking water, then add the pesto and stir it with a spoon or fork until is even.

you can also use it as a spread/condiment for the sallad!