About Me

Born in Italy, lived around the world, landed in Sweden in the last four years.
Since a young age I have been interested in healthy practices such as yoga, meditation and home cooking.
I was firstly fascinated by my grandmother's kitchen, the way she was working the ingerdients together with her hands, the smell in the house, the magic happening there just in front of my eyes. I remember I was getting her recipies and turning the ingredients into healthier ones. Secondly I found very interesting my sister´s fridge with seaweeds and umeboshi (fermented Japanese plums) while she was in the macrobiotic period. And then I found and keep finding my inspiration from the people I lived and worked with, for their creativity and enthusiasm in the kitchen and life.
The interest has been growing since I became a mother, feeling the need of creating a balanced environment for me and my family.
I believe in healthy life style as a home, a container, for people`s well being. I especially stand for empowerment of the single person as an impact for our collective. The wellbeing coming from the inside out, that sometimes needs just some help from outside.
With all that in mind and an enthusiasm for learning and studying, I started to train in different fields in order to share what I feel works for me and inspires people around me.

"Green Circles, healthy practices" has started with the intention of helping people make changes to feel healthy and therfore engaged in their life. Creating new possibilities. Exactly as one little stone dropping in the water makes circles on the surface bigger and bigger, as the ripple effect of your healthy choices will affect different aspect of your being,life and our world.

Together we can make it happen.

  • As a mother of three, I am experiencing how to incorporate healthy lifestyle in families. 
I am creating special
    workshops for parents,pregnant women and post partum recovery on nutrition and lifestyle choices. 
So if you think any of these topics could be of interest for you , please contact me, I will be happy to hear from you !

  • I currently live in Stockholm, where I have the possibilty and the space to meet you. We can also schedule the meeting at your place (home or office), or if you don't live here we can have a skype meeting.


  • On a side I am also a passionate photographer working with analog camera mainly.           I am publishing a book with the artist Emilie Lindsten  . Publication will be in October 2017.                                                                                                                           Currently working on a photography website but for now you can find some of my art work here on Flickr .

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