Yoga & Meditation

I practice and share classes in the tradition of Hatha Yoga.
"Ha" means sun energy, "Tha" means moon energy, from this perspective is easy to understand how this practice works to balance, to bring together those two sides. Is often recognised as the foundation for other types of Yoga. It prepares the body to sit still into meditation and increases awareness. 
Every class includes Pranayama (breathing exercise),Asana (physical movements), Meditation (sitting still). 
I am passionate about how the body can move behind strict traditional rules , so often I give freedom to feel in your own body what is "right" for you. But still I love alignment so you can move safely around, keeping it true to your experience. 
I am also interested, and I am taking courses, in trauma sensitive yoga in order to wider my understanding of how to apply yoga as a more directive and specific healing/therapeutic practice.

I also offer workshop just on meditative practices , also known as mindfulness.
How to integrate it into our daily life and finally living our life with more honesty, awareness and contentment.
Silence and stillness help me (and my family) daily and that is why I am happy to share and give back. 

I have courses for children and families,as well as for pregnant women. More info on Classes and Workshops.

In Skarpnäck, south of Stockholm, I am the co-founder and co-teacher of a project called Ortensyoga. Is a collective of people getting together every sunday for practicing yoga and meditation and sharing once a month regarding different themes. The community is growing since 2014. The classes are donation based and open to all levels. (you find more info into the page Classes and Workshops)

- Prices for private sessions are:

Single class 900 kr
3 classes 2500 kr
5 classes 4000 kr

if you have other needs, like group, company, family or an event we can discuss prices further depending on the number of participants and conditions.

I belive in the power of practicing and getting together for the sake of all beings and our planet.
As a form of activism and self development.

If you want to collaborate somehow, just contact me and let's talk about it!

Meditation Facilitation Mentorship program with Michael Stone. Photo by Caitlin Strom
Meditation Facilitation Mentorship Program with Michael Stone. Photo by Caitlin Strom.

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